Why serve Homeless?

There is power in the name of JesusBreak every chain Break every chain...
Sat, 10/24/20We do homeless ministry every month.
I am grateful that this time we meet less homeless than last month.
When I ask my niece what is homeless means. She said that a person that has nothing. Which is true. A Person that doesn't have HOPE is nothing.
I've been in that situation once in 2017. I don't want to be a burden. I left home with $20 and a backpack. I give away my sandal at donation box.
I walk and walk till tired. Then i sit down. Feel confused where I should go. Then God sent my ex-coworker to drive me home.
When I saw the homeless yesterday; jobless, drunk and hopeless. I am grateful that I am surrounded with friends and family that cry out and pray for my health.
Am I broken? Yes. I used to mad, ashamed and lost self confidence.
Yesterday, I am grateful that I've been through that. I can feel their suffering. Their addiction.
Not want to say that I am immune with my addiction. I keep fighting to live holy. Unlock my destiny. Find my identity. Find my true calling.
God keep His promises. Roman 8:28By following and obey God's word build faith that overcome fears. Bring peace.
It's not easy to submit to God. I used to use my own understanding and strength. It's like your flesh been skinned off layer by layer. I do cry. Life is not fair.
Once again, God keep His promises. He said he will "menyesah" His true child. I do understand recently that "His process" build my "faith" endurance. It's funny. Whatever concept that is used in physical (world) it is also happening in spiritual realm.
It's like I used to train my body before long hike or trip. I must also have faith training in spiritual life. So I have pure motivation in serving God.
Overall, It feels great that I have the opportunity to serve.
Be blessed and blessed others.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Discipleship - Mat 28: 19-20

Stewardship - Mat 25:21

Happiness - James 1: 2-4

God's extended hands

We are all broken - Roman 3:23

  • Help others Help yourself

  • Love others Love yourself

Lean on me

How we finish the race? 1 Corinthians 9: 24-27